Joe Manganiello offers ‘The Batman’ update: “We’re gonna do this thing right”

In a new interview with Robert Irvine Magazine, Manganiello explained how excited he was to be joining the DC Extended Universe, how he will make Deathstroke his own, and said The Batman will still start shooting “soon”. Check out some quotes below.



Matt Reeves in final talks to direct Ben Affleck in ‘The Batman’

We heard that he was the favorite, and tonight it’s being reported that Warner Bros. has officially offered Matt Reeves the job to direct Ben Affleck in The Batman. Variety says that he has already agreed, so at this point we probably just need some signed paperwork to make it a done deal.



Joe Manganiello has read nearly every Deathstroke comic, already started weapon training for ‘The Batman’

Manganiello is a huge fan of the tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons, and was on a podcast called “Dragon Talk” this week to talk all about it. Lucky for us, he was also asked about playing Deathstroke in The Batman. Manganiello explained that he’s read “almost” every comic book involving Deathstroke, and the way he’s […]



Joe Manganiello starring in ‘Rampage’ with The Rock could conflict with ‘The Batman’

The Hollywood Reporter says that Joe Manganiello is in talks to join The Rock in Rampage, a movie about the popular 1980s video game. Rampage is scheduled for an April 2018 release, which means it should begin production this spring/summer. That’s the same time when Manganiello was supposed to start shooting The Batman. He was […]



‘The Batman’ script is ready, and Warner Bros. and Ben Affleck are “very happy” with it

I reached out to Justin Kroll, the Variety reporter who broke the news about Ben Affleck not directing The Batman. He told me that a new script for The Batman was turned in this month (presumably the one that Chris Terrio rewrote), and that everyone at Warner Bros., including President and Chief Content Officer Toby […]



Why you shouldn’t believe Ben Affleck’s statement about not directing Batman

Before I venture into why no self-respecting film fan should buy into this well meant, although completely deceptive statement, let me say that this was nonetheless absolutely the appropriate statement to make. Regardless of how messy, heated or conflict muddled the true situation between Ben Affleck and his vision for the Batman film and Warner […]