Ben Affleck gets brutally honest as to why he’s hesitant to make ‘The Batman’

In a new interview with USA Today, Affleck may have been the most honest yet about this entire situation. It seems like the pressure of a movie like The Batman is really weighing down on his shoulders.



Ben Affleck will probably shoot ‘The Batman’ in Los Angeles

Sources tell Batman News that Ben Affleck plans to shoot The Batman in Los Angeles. BOF has heard the same. In 2012, Christopher Nolan shot some of The Dark Knight Rises in LA, though it sounds like Affleck will be shooting the bulk of his movie there.

Batman Justice League


Jeremy Irons talks ‘Justice League’, confirms ‘The Batman’ starts in the spring

IGN caught up with Jeremy Irons while he was promoting his new movie Assassin’s Creed, and naturally they asked about Justice League as well. But all on his own, Irons revealed that production on Ben Affleck’s Batman movie starts this spring. Something we’ve heard before from Joe Manganiello, and what Affleck himself finally admitted yesterday.