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Captain Marvel

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Kevin Feige loves Ronda Rousey’s Captain Marvel social media campaign

“I love it,” he told me of Rousey’s campaign during an interview at Los Angeles’ Hero Complex Gallery promoting the October 2nd Blu-ray release of Avengers: Age of Ultron. “That happens occasionally, and I think that’s a testament more to the strength of the characters.” He reflected, “Going back to my early days at Marvel, […]

Captain Marvel


Emily Blunt tells us exactly where she’s at in ‘Captain Marvel’ talks

While at Toronto International Film Festival promoting her upcoming film “Sicario,” Blunt told MTV News exactly where she’s at with those rumors: nowhere. “It’s crazy,” she said. “I’ve not had a phone call about it. Not one whisper of Captain Marvel has come my way. Promise.” Promise promise? “Promise promise. I don’t even know who […]

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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and ‘Captain Marvel’ might film in Australia

New reports are claiming that Disney is interested in filming Thor: Ragnarok in Australia, where Thor actor Hemsworth currently resides. They are also interested in filming Captain Marvel there as well. And while it would be convenient for the Aussie actor, Disney’s reasons are a little bit bigger than that. As Yahoo Movies reported, Disney […]

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Ronda Rousey shares art of herself as Captain Marvel

Last week during her Reddit AMA, UFC’s undefeated Bantamweight Champion and budding actress “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey (Furious 7, Entourage) expressed interest in playing Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). Ever since then, artists from around the world have been inspired to create artwork of the MMA powerhouse as Captain Marvel. Since the reddit AMA I've received […]

Captain Marvel

"Green Street" Hooligans Tokyo Press Conference

‘Punisher: War Zone’ director says she’d helm a Ms. Marvel movie… for free

Not the Captain Marvel movie that’s in the works now, but a big screen outing for the current comic incarnation of Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan. Lexi Alexander likes the idea so much that she claims she’d even be willing to forego her fee! I would seriously forego my director's fee if someone would greenlight Kamala […]

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It’s official: Nicole Perlman & Meg LeFauve to write Marvel’s ‘Captain Marvel’

Nicole Perlman & Meg LeFauve will together write Marvel’s “Captain Marvel,” in theaters November 2, 2018, bringing Carol Danvers to the big screen in her first solo cinematic adventure. Fans will recognize Perlman as the co-writer of Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,” last year’s smash hit introducing audiences to Star-Lord and his crew, while LeFauve […]

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Marvel pushes back Thor, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Inhumans to make room for Spider-Man

Late last night, Sony and Marvel announced a huge deal that will bring Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spidey will be getting his own movie on July 28, 2017, so some of Marvel’s previously announced movies are getting pushed back a bit. Thor: Ragnarok will now hit theaters November 3, 2017. The following year, […]

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Actress Emily Blunt arrives for the premiere of "Edge of Tomorrow" in New York

Emily Blunt talks ‘Captain Marvel’, reveals which two Marvel roles she turned down

Okay, because you could have used saving Meryl Streep’s life as a reason for them to cast you as Captain Marvel. You could have used that as prior superhero experience. Oh! No one’s offered me that officially, so it’s … [laughs] very unofficial. I think it’s fan-casting, which is always very nice. But nothing official […]

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Emily Blunt on ‘Captain Marvel’ role: “Let’s call Marvel about that right now”

On Sunday afternoon, we spoke to Emily Blunt who is promoting her role in Disney’s ‘Into the Woods.’ During this conversation, Blunt referenced her character in this summer’s ‘Edge of Tomorrow,’ comparing that role to what a possible Marvel movie might be. It just so happens, Blunt’s name has been mentioned in Internet buzz as […]

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Captain Marvel soars into the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Carol Danvers has set a flight path straight into the Marvel Cinematic Universe! The super heroine will make her debut in Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” on July 6, 2018, headlining the first female-led film from Marvel Studios. President Kevin Feige made the announcement at a special event revealing the full lineup of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s […]