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The “Honest Trailer” for ‘Fantastic Four’ is absolutely brutal

In a world full of terrible Fantastic Four movies, get ready…for another terrible Fantastic Four movie. But this one’s dark! Fant4stic!

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‘Fantastic Four’ flop blamed for 21st Century Fox missing revenue targets

Broadcast TV revenue was essentially flat year over year. Cable networks businesses helped ease some of the box office burden, which is where Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch began his remarks. “Our cable networks business generated strong growth in the first fiscal quarter, delivering double-digit earnings gains both domestically and internationally on sustained increases in overall […]

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Fox denies rumors that ‘Fantastic Four’ is going back to Marvel

20th Century Fox has confirmed to that the film rights to the Fantastic Four remain at the studio, despite rumors to the contrary.

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Kate Mara hasn’t seen ‘Fantastic Four’ because of the bad reviews

When asked if she has seen the film, Mara adds, “No, but I will eventually,” but adds that the movie’s harsh reviews have made her feel “a little bit gun-shy”. Despite Fantastic Four’s troubles, Mara, who is rumoured to be dating her co-star Jamie Bell, says that those involved “really had each other’s backs,”. “That’s […]

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Here’s what The Thing was supposed to clobber in ‘Fantastic Four’, and why the scene was cut

Could there have been a good movie here? There was at least potential for an intriguing fight scene when The Thing leaps from an airplane for the sake of some “clobberin’ time.” After interviews with a dozen sources involved in the making of Fantastic Four, Entertainment Weekly has pieced together the sequence.

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‘Fantastic Four’ got so bad, Miles Teller and Josh Trank nearly beat each other up

Trank initially fought hard to get Teller cast in the film, winning out over Fox’s objections. But the director and actor’s relationship later turned sour. According to a story in this week’s Entertainment Weekly, Trank and Teller did not get along on the set of the film; Trank was allegedly withdrawn during production, and Teller […]