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Justice League


New ‘Justice League’ image puts Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash in S.T.A.R. Labs?

We see Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash in what appears to be S.T.A.R. Labs, a well known scientific research facility from the DC universe. The new EW issue also features a couple of new quotes from The Flash actor Ezra Miller.

Justice League


‘Justice League’ toy photos give great look at villain Steppenwolf

We’ve seen a LEGO version of Justice League villain Steppenwolf, but now a new action figure gives us a much more accurate depiction of what we can expect to see when the movie hits theaters this November.

Justice League


‘Justice League’ LEGO sets showcase Batman’s new vehicles, Steppenwolf, Parademons, and more

Indeed, the fine folks at LEGO have released details about some upcoming Justice League-themed sets they’ll be releasing late this summer. What’s most interesting is we get our first really solid looks at Batman’s two new vehicles, the Knightcrawler and the Flying Fox, in addition to Parademons, the Mother Box, and the film’s main antagonist, […]

Justice League


‘Justice League’ Batmobile photographed being transported down the street

The Justice League Batmobile was photographed being transported… somewhere. It’s hard to say where this photo was taken, but it doesn’t look like London, where Justice League reshoots are currently underway. Perhaps this photo is from Los Angeles, on the way to the WB Studio Tour.