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Marvel will keep making movies until you’re dead and your children are old

Marvel fans of a certain age, it’s time to start worrying. This film franchise is almost certainly going to outlive us. Not even our kids are safe to live to see the endgame. Marvel has made no secret of its tendency to plan things long-term — a merchandising executive once told me at Comic-Con that […]

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‘Ant-Man’ star Evangeline Lilly says DC superhero movies “take themselves too seriously”

“How have I missed these guys who are making really cool superheroes who don’t take themselves too seriously,” Lilly said of Marvel, before calling out an example of the opposite: “DC films.”


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Many Marvel Cinematic Universe alumni were nominated for Oscars today

Marvel Studios received one Oscar® nomination for its 2016 films, a Best Visual Effects nod for Doctor Strange. Stephane Ceretti (visual effects supervisor), Richard Bluff (visual effects supervisor: ILM), Vincent Cirelli (visual effects supervisor: Luma Pictures), and Paul Corbould (special effects supervisor) were all recognized for their work on Doctor Strange. They were not, however, the only Marvel […]

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Superheroes and ‘Star Wars’ receive 4 Oscar nominations

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the 89th Oscars this morning. Superhero movies didn’t do much better than they’ve done in previous years, picking up two nominations. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story picked up its own pair of nominations. Doctor Strange was the first superhero film to have its […]



Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ and ‘Captain America: Civil War’ combine for 9 Critics’ Choice Award nominations

Critics, like most moviegoers, were very impressed by Marvel Studios’ offerings this year. Both Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange scored 90% or better on Rotten Tomatoes on their way to massive box office success. The critical love for the films has now carried over to the Critics’ Choice Awards in the form of nine nominations […]