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Batman News #32: Matt Reeves (almost) set to direct ‘The Batman’, Mel Gibson might direct ‘Suicide Squad 2’

Sean Gerber and Andy DiGenova give their immediate reaction to the surprising news that Mel Gibson might direct the Suicide Squad sequel. They also look at the other names on WB’s list and pick their favorite candidates. The Batman just about has a new director in Matt Reeves. As long as this deal gets finalized, […]

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Batman News #30: Ben Affleck will not direct The Batman, but will he still star?

Sean Gerber and Andy DiGenova are back this week with an emergency podcast to discuss Ben Affleck stepping down as the director on The Batman. Affleck is saying that he still plans to star in the film, but Sean isn’t convinced. Hear the hosts thoughts on how all of this came to be and what […]

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Batman News #25: Wonder Woman soars while creative differences stall The Flash

Sean Gerber and Andy DiGenova are back to break down all the major Batman and DCEU news of the past month. The Wonder Woman trailer is perfect, the script for The Batman probably isn’t all that messy, and the loss of a second Flash director hurts much more than the loss of the first. All […]

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Batman News #24: Batman gets tactical, Deathstroke has a date with the Justice League

Sean Gerber and Andy DiGenova return to discuss the latest news around Batman and the DCEU! This includes a discussion of director Zack Snyder signaling the debut of Deathstroke in Justice League, plus the first image of Commissioner Gordon and Batman’s tactical suit in the film. They also catch up on Geoff Johns’ comments about […]

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Batman News #22: The Caped Crusaders Are Back!

Sean Gerber and Andy DiGenova celebrate the impending return of the Dynamic Duo! They react to the new trailer for Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders before answering several of your questions. Thanks to your inquiries, the Bat-hosts get to discuss the next Superman solo movie, their favorite Batman: The Animated Series episodes, and more! […]