Power Rangers

Power Rangers

Power Rangers International Poster F

Power Rangers assemble for new international poster

A new international poster for the upcoming Power Rangers movie has been released. The image, first shared on Twitter, promptly features all five of the rangers and their striking suits. You can also spot the line “Together We Are More” and the words “Go Go” with the iconic Power Rangers logo.

Power Rangers


New look at Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa in ‘Power Rangers’

The Power Rangers movie is promoting a #RepulsaTakesOver Twitter hashtag, and to celebrate has released two new promotional photos of Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa. Check them out in the gallery.

Power Rangers

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Get another look at the team suited up with this new ‘Power Rangers’ motion poster

“They must work together to fight for tomorrow.” The official Power Rangers Twitter account has released a new motion poster for the upcoming reboot, giving us fresh looks at each of the 5 Rangers… They must work together to fight for tomorrow. #PowerRangersMovie pic.twitter.com/LsA50vn8Tk — Power Rangers (@ThePowerRangers) October 19, 2016

Power Rangers The Superhero News Show


‘Power Rangers’ teaser trailer reaction

Superhero News reacts to and reviews the first trailer for Power Rangers. Let us know what you think in the comments! For more content, be sure to subscribe, like and share our videos to stay up-to-date on the latest from Superhero News.