Vision suits up in new ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ set photo

The photo, which was recently shared on the Marvel Studios subreddit, shows Bettany on a street in Edinburgh, Scotland, where Infinity War is currently filming. He is accompanied by a crew member who appears to be holding the character’s long cape. someone nobody expected turns up in Edinburgh! from marvelstudios

Power Rangers

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New ‘Power Rangers’ poster features the Zords

The exclusive poster reveals the Zords walking through a fog, with the Yellow Ranger’s Sabretooth Tiger Battle Zord taking much of the focus. You can really see the finer details in the close-up, with bits of alien tech, lit up all throughout. It’s much more impressive here than in the recently previewed toys, and that […]

Black Panther


Russo brothers tease magic powers in Black Panther’s ring

The director answered a fan’s question on Quora that asked whether the hero’s ring had any magical powers or abilities. Anthony said, “Black Panther’s ring is special to him because it was worn by his father, the king.” “When he puts it on for the first time in Civil War, it’s symbolic of him taking […]