Power Rangers

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New ‘Power Rangers’ poster features the Zords

The exclusive poster reveals the Zords walking through a fog, with the Yellow Ranger’s Sabretooth Tiger Battle Zord taking much of the focus. You can really see the finer details in the close-up, with bits of alien tech, lit up all throughout. It’s much more impressive here than in the recently previewed toys, and that […]



‘Wolverine 3’ director addresses Mister Sinister reports

If you didn’t know who Mister Sinister was before this week, then you have probably at least heard his name by now. The famous X-Men villain made headlines following the release of X-Men: Apocalypse since producers Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg said the character would appear in Wolverine 3. But, if you ask the film’s […]



Hugh Jackman says goodbye to his last Wolverine beard (video)

The Wolverine is no more! Hugh Jackman has been publicly saying, repeatedly, that this is his last go as Wolverine, in the still unofficially titled Wolverine 3. Now, he’s saying goodbye to part of the signature look of Logan, those glorious mutton chops and the beard. The look for the rumored “Old Man Logan” based […]