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Guardians of the Galaxy


Vin Diesel says a Groot ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ spinoff movie has been discussed

Vin Diesel – AKA the voice of our fave Guardian of The Galaxy, Groot – reveals that he’s totally on board for a Groot Marvel movie spinoff… And that he wants to see the little guy in an Avengers adventure with Hulk! So do we, Vin!



Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive, wants a cameo in ‘The Flash’

Usain Bolt wants to be in The Flash movie VIA: Batman News



Chris Evans wants Captain America cameo in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ (video)

Chris Evans reveals he really wants Captain America to cameo in the new Spider-Man movie AND Guardians Of The Galaxy 2! VIA: Spider-Man News



Deadpool practices his superheroing (and jerks off) in this deleted scene (video)

There are three things all superhero movies, even R-rated ones, have in common: explosions, firm butts, and training montages. Deadpool was no exception. Faced with his biggest challenge yet, Wade Wilson embarks on a ceremonial training montage to prepare for battle with Ajax — and MTV News is exclusively debuting the never-before-seen extended scene starring […]