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Ryan Reynolds: We’re not going to start ‘Deadpool 2’ until we’re ready

Ryan Reynolds talks with MTV News’ Josh Horowitz about how shocked he is over the Deadpool nominations and Deadpool 2.



Chris Evans wants Captain America cameo in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ (video)

Chris Evans reveals he really wants Captain America to cameo in the new Spider-Man movie AND Guardians Of The Galaxy 2! VIA: Spider-Man News



Deadpool practices his superheroing (and jerks off) in this deleted scene (video)

There are three things all superhero movies, even R-rated ones, have in common: explosions, firm butts, and training montages. Deadpool was no exception. Faced with his biggest challenge yet, Wade Wilson embarks on a ceremonial training montage to prepare for battle with Ajax — and MTV News is exclusively debuting the never-before-seen extended scene starring […]