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Marvel movies will go on forever according to Disney CEO

Disney CEO Bob Iger recently sat down for an interview with BBC Newsbeat, and the head honcho at the House of Mouse had this to say about the future of Marvel on film: “Marvel, you’re dealing with thousands and thousands of characters — that will go on forever.” Marvel movies forever? But doesn’t he think […]



Former showrunner says ‘Daredevil’ finally features “The Marvel Version” of the Punisher

While being diplomatic to the three previous films, DeKnight said this will be the most “Marvel” version of The Punisher. “The thing about The Punisher, and I think there are great things about each of those versions, but none of them was completely the Marvel version,” DeKnight said. “And none of those movies were under […]



‘Jurassic World’ takes a bite out of ‘The Avengers’ to become #3 highest grossing movie ever

Today, Jurassic World officially passed The Avengers on the worldwide box office gross chart to become the #3 highest grossing movie ever. The only two films ahead of Jurassic World are James Cameron’s monstrous hits, Best Picture winner Titanic at #2 and sci-fi spectacle Avatar at #1.

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‘Captain America: Civil War’, ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’, and more get IMAX releases

Prepare to spend a lot of your time in IMAX theaters over the coming year. IMAX and Disney have just renewed their contract through 2017. The deal covers, among other things, upcoming tentpoles from Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar. Star Wars: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (December 18, 2015) Star Wars: Rogue One (December 16, 2016) Star […]