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Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange’s murky morality brings it close to being a supervillain origin story

Doctor Strange hit theaters just a few days ago, catapulting fans deep into the weird far reaches of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s brand-new territory for the long-running series; where superheroes like Iron Man and Thor already have fantastical abilities, they’re grounded in a reality that Strange and his mystical cohort can bend and even […]



Google’s new Bubble Zoom feature will make reading comics on your phone easier

San Diego Comic-Con is officially in full swing, and Google is getting in on the action with a new feature meant for comics fans. The company just announced that Google Play Books now supports a feature called Bubble Zoom, which uses machine learning to detect text bubbles in comic panels and increase their size with just […]



‘Thor: Ragnarok’ director Taika Waititi on working with Marvel: ‘These people don’t act like a studio’

You’re shooting Thor: Ragnarok right now.  Do you have that kind of freedom to be spontaneous on a big studio-run, CGI-heavy film? It hasn’t been that different. So far it’s been good! I’ve been more organized, which is saying something, for a guy like me to be organized. I’m surrounded by really intelligent, amazing people. […]



Thanos’ almighty Infinity Gauntlet defeated by above-average oven heat

The most powerful weapon in the universe has a weakness: it cannot withstand the neccesary heat to remove a cast iron pizza pan once warmed to 400-plus degrees. Reports of the weapon’s fragility have been making the rounds by way of Loot Crate, which shipped an Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt to subscribers in its May […]

Captain America


That massive airport fight in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ was almost entirely digital

“The airport is a hundred percent digital,” ILM visual effects supervisor Russell Earl tells me over the phone. “Spider-Man, Giant-Man, and Black Panther are always one-hundred percent CG. Iron Man, War Machine, and then we’ve got Vision.” The exceptions were characters like Black Widow, Captain America, or Winter Soldier — basically, the few people not […]

Star Wars


Google’s Star Wars makeover gives you apps fit for a Jedi (or a Sith)

Google has launched a new tool to celebrate the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, letting users choose to join the light side or the dark side of the force, and customizing the appearance of their Google apps accordingly. Once you’ve picked a side (the dark side was worryingly popular in The Verge‘s offices), Google […]