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Doctor Strange


L to R: Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Stephen Strange) and Director Scott Derrickson on set. 

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‘Doctor Strange’ director Scott Derrickson on Joaquin Phoenix, Illuminati, and future of the franchise

Director Scott Derrickson says he only ever had Cumberbatch in mind for Dr Stephen Strange though, revealing to Yahoo Movies UK during our Facebook Live interview that no other actor ever tried on Strange’s famous red Cloak of Levitation. “Benedict [Cumberbatch], he’s just the guy,” Derrickson explains. “He has a quality that is very unique […]

Assassin's Creed

Assassins Creed

Michael Fassbender is ready for action in new Assassin’s Creed image

It was not the best of times at movie theaters this summer, with several highly anticipated franchises falling short of expectations. But the winter movie season is here to rescue us. Yahoo Movies has been given a sneak peek at five new Fox movies expected this autumn/winter.

Batman v Superman


Zack Snyder looks absolutely crushed by poor ‘Batman v Superman’ reviews (video)

“I’m a comic book guy and I made the movie based as much as I could on that aesthetic,” Snyder told us, “And so I don’t know how else to do it 100%, so it is what it is.” SOURCE: Yahoo (via Batman News)

Avengers Thor


Mark Ruffalo: Hulk’s arc in Thor 3 and Infinity War will feel like a standalone movie

Speaking to Yahoo Movies while promoting ‘Spotlight’, the superb real-life drama which he’s been nominated as Best Supporting Actor for at the Oscars, Ruffalo told us he’s got a big part to play in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and beyond. “I’d love to do a Hulk movie, but that’s beyond my control,” he said. “It’s controlled by […]



Hugh Jackman on Ryan Reynolds’s dis: Wolverine would beat Deadpool ‘100 percent’

Anyhoo, we caught up with Hugh Jackman at Sundance, where he was promoting Eddie the Eagle, and asked him what he thought about the disrespect from Deadpool. “Love it. It’s just brilliant. I mean, I love Ryan, he’s a good mate of mine. He’s so fantastic,” Jackman answered cheerily. But does he think Wolverine would […]


Peyton Reed

‘Ant-Man’ director Peyton Reed on the sequel, putting ‘The Wasp’ in the title, and ‘Fantastic Four’ failures

In late October, word came that Marvel and Ant-Man director Peyton Reed were in talks on a contract to make a sequel. On Tuesday, the 51-year-old filmmaker indicated that a deal to reunite him with the miniature hero was inching toward completion. “We’re [still] in negotiations, but I think it’s looking pretty good,” the director, […]

Assassin's Creed


First look at Michael Fassbender in costume for ‘Assassin’s Creed’

Meet Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch in Assassin’s Creed. Based on the massively popular — and prolific — video-game series of the same name, the movie version is set to open in theaters Dec. 21, 2016. Before hardcore Assassin’s Creed gamers start scratching their heads (and filling up the comments) about how exactly Callum Lynch […]