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There is nothing I’d love more than for Ben Affleck to star in a Batman trilogy directed by Matt Reeves. But the fact is, Ben Affleck only has one more movie left on his contract after Justice League. Affleck is an incredibly busy guy with lots of talents and interests. He already has his next two directing jobs lined up, and I don’t see him signing up for more Batman movies.

And then there are the rumors. Rumors of Affleck’s departure have been popping up all year. Some from terrible sources, some from ok sources, and some even from reliable sources like The Hollywood Reporter. As fans, I think we have to acknowledge that Affleck not starring in The Batman is a real possibility… even if you think there’s just a 1% chance. So how can The Batman, which Reeves has said is the first of multiple movie ideas he has in his head, make Affleck, Reeves, and Warner Bros. all happy?

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