Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman


‘Batman v Superman’ concept art reveals Metallo was considered as a villain

In the concept art above, you can see that Metallo was considered for Batman v Superman at one point. My best guess is this is from the version of the script that David Goyer wrote, before Chris Terrio came in and rewrote the movie and it became “Dawn of Justice”.

Batman v Superman Black Panther

Black Panther BvS

‘Black Panther’ advanced ticket sales surpass ‘Batman v Superman’ to become the best of all superhero movies

Fandango reports that Black Panther is now outpacing Batman v Superman to become the top advanced ticket seller of any superhero movie. There was never any doubt Black Panther would be a hit. It was just a matter of how big the box office would be and the estimates just keep going up. Black Panther had the best […]

Batman v Superman


Henry Cavill shares thoughts on ‘Batman v Superman’: it’s a “niche” movie

“I think that movie is part of an arc for what Snyder’s vision was — or is — and it’s also in my mind fairly niche,” Cavill said. “It’s a niche style of movie within a genre. It reflects in the audience reviews and critics reviews. It’s divisive. When anything is niche is going to […]

Batman v Superman Wonder Woman


Gal Gadot admits Wonder Woman’s ‘Batman v Superman’ backstory was a mistake

While diving deeper into the character with director Patty Jenkins on Wonder Woman, Gadot said that they realized that there’s no way Wonder Woman would ever give up on mankind. “Sometimes in a creative process you establish something that is not necessarily the right decision,” Gadot added. “But then you can always correct it and […]

Batman v Superman


DC president admits that Zack Snyder’s vision differs from theirs

“That was actually a quote that didn’t show up in the finished piece, but that Diane [Nelson] gave me,” Riesman recalled. “It was to the effect of ‘we are a director driven place and Zack [Snyder] had a vision that didn’t necessarily sync up with what our vision of these characters is, but we respect […]