Batman Flash

Ben Affleck Batman Bruce Wayne

Report: Ben Affleck won’t star in ‘The Batman’, but is expected to appear in ‘The Flash’

Variety says that Ben Affleck is expected to appear in the standalone Flash movie, but that it’s very unlikely he will star in The Batman. According to their sources, director Matt Reeves wants to cast the role with “fresh talent”. Reeves has been meeting with potential Batman actors recently, most notably Jake Gyllenhaal.

Batman Justice League

Ben Affleck Batman Bruce Wayne

It sounds like Ben Affleck won’t be Batman much longer

With Justice League, Affleck will be playing Batman for a third time, and Extra asked if he’ll play the role at least two more times for a total of five appearances as the Dark Knight. “I don’t know about that,” Affleck said unenthusiastically. “We’ll see what the future holds.” You can watch his reply in […]



‘The Joker’ script to be turned in next week, 2018 shooting schedule possible

It’s only been a month since we learned about The Joker movie that The Hangover director Todd Phillips has been working on, but apparently he’s been at it for a while because Variety reporter Justin Kroll has heard that the script will be handed over to Warner Bros. by next week.



How ‘The Batman’ can make Ben Affleck, Matt Reeves, and Warner Bros. all happy

There is nothing I’d love more than for Ben Affleck to star in a Batman trilogy directed by Matt Reeves. But the fact is, Ben Affleck only has one more movie left on his contract after Justice League. Affleck is an incredibly busy guy with lots of talents and interests. He already has his next […]



Warner Bros. wants Leonardo DiCaprio for their Joker movie, and Jared Leto isn’t happy

THR stresses that Martin Scorsese’s deal isn’t signed yet, but that Warner Bros. is hoping to get him on board to lure in one of his frequent collaborators: Leonardo DiCaprio. Yes, you heard that right. They want DiCaprio or another A-lister to play the character as a gritty crime boss in a Scorsese-esque Gotham underworld, according […]