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New ‘Teen Titans GO! To the Movies’ posters troll Batman and the Justice League

Teen Titans GO! To the Movies hasn’t been afraid to poke fun at the DCEU, and the latest posters are no different.

Teen Titans


‘Teen Titans GO! To The Movies’ TV spot pokes fun at Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern movie

As we’ve seen in the first Teen Titans GO! To The Movies trailer, the movie has no problem poking fun at the live-action DC movies like Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Today in a new TV spot, Ryan Reynolds’ 2011 Green Lantern movie became a target. VIA: Batman News

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Gotham City News truck spotted on the set of ‘Titans’ or ‘Shazam’ in Toronto

Take for example the new set photo above from blogTO. We clearly see a Gotham City News truck, but it’s impossible to know if this is from the set of Shazam or Titans without more context. My guess would be Titans since Shazam takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but who knows?