Cumberbatch AIW Omaze

Benedict Cumberbatch invites you to tea and the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ premiere

Benedict Cumberbatch is ready to reward your charity with tea and the Avengers: Infinity War premiere. Doctor Stephen Strange is teaming up with Omaze to support GUANCO, an organization that supports the health and education of female victims of terrorism and inequality in Nigeria. Donors will have the chance to win a grand prize trip for two […]

Black Panther The Superhero News Show

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Marvel Studios’ ‘Black Panther’ – spoiler review

Superhero News presents our spoiler review of Black Panther, the 18th film from Marvel Studios! Be sure to subscribe to Superhero News on YouTube for the latest videos. Subscribe iTunes Google Play SoundCloud Stitcher RSS



Hasbro announces Iron Man Augmented Reality Experience for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Hasbro is arming you up for a battle with Thanos! The company announced their new Hero Vision Iron Man AR Experience for Avengers: Infinity War this morning. With the help of a helmet and an app, kids will be able to jump right into the fray as the armored Avenger. Here are the details from Hasbro. […]

Justice League

Superman Justice League Deleted

‘Justice League’ deleted Superman scene reveals his black costume (video)

A Brazilian website named “Legião dos Heróis” has the first look at a deleted Superman scene from Justice League. We see Henry Cavill walking through the Kryptonian ship looking for a costume after being revived by the Justice League. In the background, you can see a black costume like the one that cinematographer Fabian Wagner […]

The Superhero News Show

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Superhero News #107: Joaquin Phoenix in talks to star in The Joker standalone film

This week on the Superhero News show we’re talking about Joaquin Phoenix potentially starring in The Joker standalone film, Warner Bros. eyeing Michael Bay to direct Lobo, the tremendous early buzz for Black Panther, an update on the Disney-Fox deal, Marvel and Star Wars shows on the Disney streaming service, and the Game of Thrones […]

Justice League

Henry Cavill JL AI

A $500 computer with free software shaved Henry Cavill better than ‘Justice League’ (video)

Take for example one person at DeepFakes Club. They heard about Henry Cavill’s mustache problem in Justice League and decided to see what they could do. “I used a $500 computer bought off Craigslist and free deepfakes software to teach an AI how to digitally remove Henry Cavil’s mustache in a variety of situations,” the […]