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Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has said it a thousand times in interviews over the past ten years. So many answers to so many questions include the phrase “in the comics,” or something to that effect. Simply put, Marvel Studios cares about the source material and it shows on the big screen.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most faithful live-action adaptation of comic book superheroes ever produced. While other studios hesitate to put their characters in bold, colorful costumes for fear of drawing unintentional laughs, Marvel sees the designs of these characters as one of the primary reasons their stories have been told continuously for several decades.

At a recent event for the in-home release of Ant-Man and the Wasp, I sat down Ryan Meinerding and Andy Park, the Head and Director of Visual Development at Marvel Studios, respectively. Marvel’s track record for faithful adaptations can’t be an accident, so I asked Meinerding and Park why the source material is such a priority at the studio. Not surprisingly, it turns out the folks at Marvel Studios have a lot in common with the audience they serve.

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