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Marvel fans were surprised to see Red Skull make his Marvel Cinematic Universe return in Avengers: Infinity War. Since holding the Tesseract in his hand at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger, Red Skull had been cursed to serve as the keeper of the Soul Stone on Vormir.

He was charged with successfully leading someone to the Soul Stone. He accomplished just that when Thanos threw Gamora off a cliff and paid the terrible price required by the Soul Stone. With his duty fulfilled, fans wondered what would become of The First Avenger’s first villain.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have now confirmed that Red Skull is indeed free. He can resume his own pursuit of an Infinity Stone (good luck with that), or head back to Earth, provided he can find a way of getting there. The bottom line, though, is that Red Skull didn’t simply face into nothingness when his curse was lifted. He gets to live on.

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