Chris Pratt says ‘it’s not an easy time’ for the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ cast

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has been in limbo since director James Gunn was fired last month. Chris Pratt and his castmates have...

Tom Holland shares funny stunt video from ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ set

Tom Holland shared a video from the Spider-Man: Far From Home set today, reminding fans of the charity campaign that gives them an opportunity...

Every hero in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ explained by the Russo Brothers

The Russo brothers, directors of 'Avengers: Infinity War,' break down every single hero that appears in the movie. Anthony and Joe go through all...

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ adds ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ star Remy Hii

Spider-Man: Far From Home is continuing to build its cast during production. The Jon Watts-directed sequel has added Remy Hii in an unknown role,...

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ gets an Honest Trailer

Screen Junkies has released an Honest Trailer for Avengers: Infinity War.

See how Thanos was brought to life in this ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ featurette

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Josh Brolin brought Thanos to life. Avengers: Infinity War is now available on Blu-ray and 4K UHD.

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ actors bust a move in gag reel #2

The cast of Avengers: Infinity War busts a move on set. Avengers: Infinity War is now available on Blu-ray and 4K UHD.

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ directors explain choices on who survived ‘The Snap’ and who didn’t

In this behind-the-scenes look, the cast and crew discuss Thanos' arrival in Wakanda and how the Avengers will never be the same following this...

‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ gets new PS4 gameplay launch trailer

Check out the new trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man, coming exclusively to the PS4 next month!  

Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ gets season 2 premiere date — and MCU connection?

Marvel’s Runaways will resume running away on Friday, Dec. 21, when all 13 episodes of the comic book-based drama release on Hulu. Also revealed during...

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