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SHH: You’ve already announced a “Black Panther” movie and he’s going to be introduced in “Civil War” but are you going to try to do more movies like “Ant-Man” or even “Thor” where you’re introducing the character in their own solo movie, or will you continue to play with introducing the characters in an earlier movie?

Feige: It always varies, it really does. It always depends on how the timing works out. It depends on what stories we want to tell. In the case of “Civil War,” we needed a third party, we needed a character who wasn’t on either Captain America or Iron Man’s side, which is why we went, “You know what? We’re doing a Black Panther movie, but it would actually be smart to have him fill this role we need in Civil War and introduce him here first.” So it always just depends on the story and the way we want to tell the story.

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