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When Chris Hemsworth stopped the entire plot of this summer’s Avengers: Age of Ultron to take a bath filled with foreshadowing for Thor: Ragnarok it left many of the uninitiated (and even some of the initiated) scratching their heads wondering the significance of Thor’s dire vision of Asgard’s future. Now Hero Complex has spoken to one of the God of Thunder’s trustiest servants Jaimie Alexander (a.k.a. The Lady Sif) about how we can expect Marvel Studios to tease more of what’s going on in the Asgardian realm in the currently-filming Captain America: Civil War.

“There’s a lot of great stuff they’ve peppered in through ‘Agents of SHIELD,’ [‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’], ‘Captain [America: Civil War’] will have some stuff,” Alexander confirmed. “There’s just all kind of Easter eggs and hunts, if you’re really paying attention. They’re so good at interweaving everything throughout those films.”

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