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Ryan Reynolds’s “Posh Spice” line got a big laugh in the trailer – what that scripted or improvised?
“The best part of this movie for me is going to be finding out which one of the options, the jokes from every scene we’ve done, is going to go in, because we had so many.

“We had Harry Styles, David Beckham, we had Prince Charles, we had so many! The funniest part was trying to keep a straight face. Ryan is such a comedic genius, and then people like [director] TJ Miller, who has a phenomenal sense of humor, they would make every take so different. We were so free in that aspect. I think it’s going to be a nightmare for the Fox lawyers and a nightmare in the edit, but wonderful for the viewer.

“There are very serious moments, especially my character. He has these big long monologues in very serious sections of the movie, but there are some bits which are absolutely ridiculous. So funny, and the tone of it is phenomenally comedic. I’m just so excited for people to see it, I’m really excited to see it myself. I think I’m going to see a screening of it in LA in a couple of weeks and I’m overly excited about that.”

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