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Gunn posted this message on his Facebook:

“As some of you know, I gave out tiny jars of Play-Doh to people on the set of Guardians when they did an extraordinary job. If a stunt went exceptionally well, the stunt man would get a jar. If an explosion went off without compare, the special effects dude would get one. An actor with an extraordinary performance, a beautiful shot by the cinematographer, a wonderfully scheduled day by the AD – these were all causes for jars of Play-Doh. I did not give out that many – maybe forty jars over the course of our 85 day shoot. So they were highly coveted and sought after by much of the cast and crew. (On a side note, I also like to keep jars around to smell, because it brings back that feeling of pure childlike creativity – I swear to God this isn’t an ad for Play-Doh, although it sounds like it!) Whatever the case, today I was touched by a jar of Play-Doh I received in the mail from a fan, for a job well done. I thought it was really sweet. Thanks, Nadima!”

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