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Avengers: Infinity War is done shooting, the Russos are still working on the as-of-now untitled Avengers 4, but once that film is in the can, the Russos and Marvel might be going their separate ways. Josh Brolin, who plays glove enthusiast Thanos in the next two Avengers films, seemed to hint as much, at least, in a new interview with Collider:

“…Also, I think that they’re in a position very openly and raw-ly where they’re like, ‘We would never do this again. This is a one-time deal. To put this many successful actors together is such a pain in the ass, but it’s been worth it. We’re doing two movies. One back to back, and this is it for us. Then we’ll go off in another direction,’ but this is a very, very, very ambitious project that I think is going to pay off in a big way.”

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