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When it comes to boys and their toys, there is little more desirable than a James Bond car – but that didn’t deter the makers of Spectre from blowing up a record £24 million worth of them in the latest 007 extravaganza.

Details of the eye-popping stunts, which also include a mid-air struggle on a helicopter’s landing gear, are revealed in a special edition of today’s Event magazine with The Mail on Sunday, the only official insiders’ guide to the making of the £200 million movie.

Speaking exclusively to Event, which was given unprecedented access to the set, chief stunt co-ordinator Gary Powell, said: ‘We set the record for smashing up cars on Spectre.

‘In Rome, we wrecked millions of pounds worth. They were going into the Vatican at top speeds of 110 mph. We shot one entire night for four seconds of film.’

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