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Long before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice finally got the green light at Warner Bros., the debate about who should win in a fight between these two DC Comics icons has been raging. As two of the world’s biggest superheroes, they each obviously have their own respective fan bases, and both sides come up with very convincing arguments about why one would emerge victorious over the other.

That’s all well and good, but looking back over the past seventy years or so, there’s one man (not alien), who has frequently come out on top when these two heroes have for whatever reason ended up going to war with one another. We are of course talking about the Goddamn Batman!

At this point, kicking Superman’s ass might as well just be one of Batman’s hobbies, but what are the very best examples of this happening?

Here, you will find just ten of the most awesome times the Caped Crusader laid the SmackDown on his fellow Justice League member.

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