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‘Aquaman’ director addresses “ridiculous” fan theory about the villains

“This is what I’ll say: I don’t have three villains,” Wan told Entertainment Weekly. “I think that’s ridiculous! I would never go into an origin movie with three villains. We don’t even know the main character let alone the world and its antagonist. I believe in taking baby steps.”



‘Nightwing’ director teases casting announcements and possible shooting location

Nightwing director Chris McKay hasn’t been shy about talking about the movie. He’s teased a badass action movie with minimal CGI, lots of nods to Dick Grayon’s past, and over the last few days he dropped a few more hints for fans on Twitter.

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‘Justice League’ sound editor says he worked on a 3+ hour cut of the movie

Hecker told Inverse that his work on Justice League was typical of most big blockbusters, working with a cut of the movie “that starts out 3+ hours” before being trimmed down. “So naturally many scenes and sounds are left on the proverbial cutting room floor,” he said.

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Report: Ben Affleck won’t star in ‘The Batman’, but is expected to appear in ‘The Flash’

Variety says that Ben Affleck is expected to appear in the standalone Flash movie, but that it’s very unlikely he will star in The Batman. According to their sources, director Matt Reeves wants to cast the role with “fresh talent”. Reeves has been meeting with potential Batman actors recently, most notably Jake Gyllenhaal.

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‘Justice League’ cinematographer confirms Superman black suit scenes were shot and cut

In August of 2016, Henry Cavill teased a black suit for Superman while he was filming Justice League. Now thanks to cinematographer Fabian Wagner, we know that scenes of Cavill in a black Superman suit were filmed and later cut from the movie. “There were [scenes shot],” Wagner told Inverse. “It’s a cool looking costume. […]