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It’s starting to look as if Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel will be Marvel’s considered response to all those critics who complained about the lack of a headlining female superhero in the studio’s first nine years. Disappointed that Black Widow always has to fight lower-level baddies because she lacks real superpowers? According to Larson in the new edition of Total Film, Carol Danvers will be able to move entire planets. Upset that the Avengers seem to be led by bickering superblokes while the ladies take a back seat? There may never have been a superhero so intrinsically linked to the survival of humanity as Captain Marvel, whom the studio has pitched as Earth’s best hope in the fight against Thanos (a figure even the Hulk found himself cowering before.) She is even played by an Oscar-winner, just to ensure we are absolutely clear that the half-Kree hero’s arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a very big deal indeed.

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