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It takes the new animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse about three minutes to make a reference to a film that feels like it was released a lifetime ago, Spider-Man 3. In one of the new film’s many running gags, we’re given a sped-up origin story for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man because the filmmakers correctly presume that we all know how some kid turned into a superhero. The first time around, Peter Parker (voiced by Chris Pine) quickly glosses over one of the more jaw-dropping moments from Sam Raimi’s 2007 film, in which Peter did a strange dance number in public. This Peter then says, “Yeah. We don’t talk about that much.” It’d be easy to envision a universe in which this new iteration of Spider-Man — literally the third new cinematic Spider-Man in less than five years — would be one too many. Instead, Into the Spider-Verse is maybe the most satisfying depiction of Spider-Man ever.

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