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Marvel Comics’ Namor may have preceded DC Comics’ Aquaman by two short years, debuting in 1939 while Arthur first appeared in 1941, but he’ll be beaten to the multiplexes by James Wan’s Aquaman in December. Nevertheless, the Sub-Mariner will be heading to the big-screen, eventually.

Regardless of how Aquaman performs or is received, Marvel will inevitably want to take its own stab at Atlantis, if only to prove its fish-man has something different to offer. While the surface details of the two comic characters are remarkably similar, including having a human father and royal Atlantean mother, Namor and Aquaman have charted distinct courses over the decades, each evolving into essential figures within their respective corners of comic book canon. Aqauaman’s undeniable heroism, frequent place on the Justice League, and supporting cast has granted him numerous long-running series, and thus the greater ability to hold down a film franchise. But the less widely-known Namor isn’t entirely land-locked by Aquaman’s increasing popularity, and current developments in the comics could open some interesting doors for the character for whenever he does land in theaters. Recent comments from Kevin Feige have left fans wondering when Namor will show up in the MCU, and what purpose he can serve in a post-Aquaman world.

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