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But designing the crimson-hued character proved challenging for make-up department head Jeremy Woodhead and Nik Williams from Animated Extras. As Woodhead explains, “The red color was actually the hardest thing to figure out, because we didn’t want him to be a bright scarlet, which would look slightly absurd, so we ended up with a color that’s hard to describe. In some light, it looked pink and in others, red; it was like a red cabbage or beetroot color, a purple-pinky red. It was a light-dependent thing, which necessitated a mix of colors and layers, so depending on the light, it would either pick up the red or pink.”

Coming up with an overall make-up design was complicated as well. “We did an early concept for a full-body suit,” recalls Woodhead, “but it was decided that production would go with a costume with a muscle suit underneath rather than a full-body prosthetic, while we just concentrated on the head and arms.

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