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And your work on “Batman v Superman” is already done, correct?

Yeah. We filmed mostly in August; I was out in Detroit. Back a little bit in September.

I know you can’t say much about the movie right now — but what can you tell us?

I can tell you that I think it’s going to be badass! They’re just such an awesome team. The bits that I was on set for look fantastic; everyone in it is fantastic. It’s exciting; it’s high-energy; it’s high-action. They are addressing all of the things that they set up in “Man of Steel.”

Doesn’t your character play a key role in the comic books? Is there any chance that’ll be reflected on the big screen, either in this film or a future installment?

So there’s some gossip; this has not been officially confirmed with me at all. But my character’s name is Carrie Farris; there’s a character named Carol Farris who’s the Green Lantern’s girlfriend and turns into this superhero, Star Sapphire. But I have no idea if that’s the plan; they’re not even slated to do a Green Lantern film for several years.

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