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Early on, we decided we weren’t going to do an origin story because it’s been done to death. We then asked, what are some times in your life that really stand out and shape who you are? I said, “I really remember what it was like when I first graduated college for the first time. What if we just introduced him eight years later?” He’s not married with kids, he’s still very Peter Parker, but what does it feel like when he’s a young adult. We just felt that was a really fun time to focus on in his life. We thought it’d be a nice complement to what they’re doing in the movies. Here’s Peter Parker graduated college, he’s a scientist. Peter is looking for that father figure, that mentor, trying to make a name for himself. I just remember how much my life changed at that point in life in terms of friendships, relationships and Peter is also uncovering, “Hey, I might be a superhero but there’s times that even I need help.” And that really comes through with the MJ character. She helps shepherd that journey that he goes on.

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