J. Jonah Jameson was right. Spider-Man is a menace! The Spider-Man casting rumors are starting to get out of hand. Last month we had websites reporting that Asa Butterfield had landed the role, only to find out that auditions didn’t take place until two weeks ago. Then yesterday news came out that Marvel and Sony were fighting over who to cast. And then shortly after that rumor was published, another report came out that completely contradicted it.

On Superhero News I try to only report rumors from reliable sources. The fact that even reliable sources have no idea what’s going on in the Spider-Man world means that Marvel and Sony are keeping the news very close to their chest. To save you all the torture of reading bogus rumor after bogus rumor, I’ve decided that I won’t report any more Spider-Man casting rumors. The next story you’ll see about the webhead is when Marvel and Sony put out an official press release announcing the new Spider-Man.