Whilst on-screen female superheroes are fast becoming more and more prominent in both comic book form and in television and feature adaptations it’s also brilliant to see that female writers are also having their own impact on the superhero scene. There are plenty of talented female writers currently working in the film industry and with a vast array of superheroes and villains constantly being developed for the big screen there is always plenty of scope for fresh minds and a unique vision to help bring these comic book characters and worlds to life.


American screenwriter Nicole Perlman first showed us her talents for penning an impressive superhero yarn whilst working alongside James Gunn on the script for the hugely successful ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Since then her name has been attached to a number of high-profile projects including adaptations for ‘M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand’ and even a new ‘Pokemon’ movie. However her most recent job includes the penning of a script for a new live adaptation of ‘Captain Marvel’. The role will be played by the award-winning Brie Larson and it seems very fitting to have a talented female writer guiding things forward. Although it looks like we’ll have quite a wait as the project is not due out in theatres until 2019.


Last December it was announced that Stephany Folsom was tapped to help pen the script for forthcoming ‘Thor’ threequel ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, as Royal Vegas Casino reported. The exciting new project will see the return of Chris Hemsworth for more fantasy action as the likeable Avenger but little is known about the plot at this time and so it’ll be interesting to see just how this project comes together when it opens in October 2017. The previous two installments have managed to shape the ‘Thor’ world and its tone which more often than not showed its characteristically humorous side. Whether or not ‘Ragnarök’ will continue down this path it’s yet to be seen but it’s certainly one of the more anticipated superhero projects set for release next year.


Whilst they haven’t yet had the chance to flex their writing muscles on something more superhero-esque in the DC Comics world or Marvel universe both Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh have certainly been able to show off their talents for balancing some truly epic franchises to date. The duo have frequently collaborated with Oscar winning writer/director Peter Jackson and helped create both of the hugely ambitious trilogies ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’. These are intensely rich universes filled with other-worldly characters and events that wouldn’t seem remotely out of place in any superhero-related realm. With other projects such as the previous adaptation of ‘The Lovely Bones’ and the remake of ‘King Kong’ also on their CV it seems like they would surely be able to handle the complexities of dealing with multiple characters, timelines and the other multifaceted aspects of these big screen comic creations.