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Forget psychokinesis or X-ray vision – here’s a superpower that would come in pretty useful these days: being able to instantly distinguish the decent superhero entertainment franchises from the enormous morass of dross we’ve been promised in the years to come.

Because while the last 15 years has proved a real golden age for comic fans, recent announcements – Legion! Hellfire! Krypton! New Mutants! Venom! – have had our Spidey scepticism senses tingling. Can we even summon the strength to care?

And yet eagle-eyed readers will have noticed a pattern to the above list: there’s not a Marvel Studios entry on it. But why? What is it that gets us excited about Marvel’s grand movie schedule when all we can do is raise a tired eyebrow for Sony’s female-led Spider-Man spinoff? Read on and find out…

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