Well before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hit theaters, there was already a feeling that Suicide Squad—the lesser known comics property—had the potential to be Warner Bros.’ breakout DC Comics hit. This was amplified by reaction to the film’s Comic-Con sizzle reel and eventual trailer, both of which teased a visually rich and unique blockbuster experience with a cast of colorful characters.

But in the wake of Batman v Superman’s somewhat disappointing reception, rumors surfaced that Warner Bros. was sending Suicide Squad back for reshoots in order to up the levity of the film. Writer/director David Ayer took to Twitter last week to assert that the reshoots weren’t to make the movie more “fun” but were instead a vote of confidence from the studio, so when Collider’s own Steve Weintraub got the chance to speak with Ayer yesterday during the Warner Bros. presentation at CinemaCon, he asked the filmmaker about the reshoots and whether it was simply a case of the studio asking Ayer what else he wanted for the film, with Ayer responding that he’d like another set piece.

SOURCE: Collider (via Batman News)