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Avengers Wolverine


Hugh Jackman on the Disney/Fox merger and Wolverine in The Avengers

During a New York press junket for The Greatest Showman, in which Jackman plays P.T. Barnum of Barnum & Bailey Circus, the newly retired X-Men actor gave his thoughts about Disney potentially buying up assets of Fox, which would effectively put all the characters of mutant-kind and the Fantastic Four under the same studio umbrella […]



Josh Brolin on getting “beat to shit” in ‘Deadpool 2’ and when ‘X-Force’ might start filming

Collider’s own Steve Weintraub recently spoke with Brolin in anticipation of the film Only the Brave, which hits theaters this Friday, and with Brolin recently wrapping his work on Deadpool 2, Steve asked about his experience on that film. We’ve seen in social media snaps that Brolin got into fighting shape for the role, and […]



‘Deadpool 2’ gets a summer 2018 release date

Set your calendars, folks! Deadpool 2 has officially landed a release date in the thick of prime summer blockbuster season. 20th Century Fox has dated the superhero sequel for June 1, 2018. Ryan Reynolds is back as the snarky, homicidal antihero alongside newcomers Josh Brolin as cable and Atlanta breakout Zazie Beets as Domino. For […]



Kevin Feige Says the post-‘Avengers 4’ MCU may be a “new thing”, not “Phase 4”

“We’ve been lucky that [contract expirations] haven’t factored in too much. We’ve had people under contract for certain films, then we’ve had new ideas and new directions like Civil War like we wanted to do, and we’ve been lucky enough to make new contracts. Or Spider-Man: Homecoming, the cast has been awesome in their enthusiasm […]



‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Avengers 4’ are being shot separately, says Kevin Feige

“We’re doing them one right after another… It became too complicated to cross-board them like that, and we found ourselves—again, something would always pay the price. We wanted to be able to focus and shoot one movie and then focus and shoot another movie.”