20th Century Fox finally confirmed that Deadpool 2 is indeed moving forward last week, with director Tim Miller back in the director’s chair and the entire creative team intact. But that was about all we got in terms of news on the sequel, though luckily Collider’s own Steve Weintraub recently sat down with Deadpool director Tim Miller for an exclusive interview, during which the Deadpool sequel (and its predecessor) was discussed at length: “I’m going to do Deadpool 2. Barring an unforeseen accident, I will be doing Deadpool 2.”

Getting Miller to actually reveal anything specific regarding Deadpool 2 was a bit more difficult, and that’s because they’re still working on the script: “The writers have been working on the script…The script comes first. You’ve got to get that.”

However, if you’re worried that this is going to be a rushed product and that Fox is making him work under pressure so they can get it by a predetermined release date, Miller seems pretty happy with the current timetable: “None of the times that have been under discussion have made me go, ‘Oh no, you’re going to make me do something horrible just to meet that [release date].’ They want it to be great, and they’re giving us the time to make it great.”

Personally, I thought Deadpool was a pretty good movie, but there’s definitely room for improvement, and Miller agrees that it’s not simply a matter of making the sequel bigger: “I don’t look at Deadpool and think, ‘Oh, that’s a perfect movie.’ I look at it and go, ‘Oh, God, there’s so much stuff I could do better.’ What you don’t want to do is all the stupid stuff like ‘Oh, now it has to be twice as big because people are going to be bored!’ or ‘It’s going to have three times the villains!’

Miller went on to say that the first film clarified how important casting was, and that when it came to the overall size of the picture and a lot more.