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Earlier this year, when director Tim Miller’s Deadpool movie was filming in Vancouver, I got to visit the set with a few other reporters. While I was already excited to finally see Rob Liefeld’s most popular character come to life on movie screens, after speaking with most of the cast and the filmmakers, I left convinced we’re in for a special treat with Deadpool. Unlike a lot of comic book movies movies that play it safe and deliver PG-13 dialogue, the Deadpool movie is going to move the boundaries of what a superhero movie can show and do. It’s going to be loaded with sex, violence, great dialogue, and mayhem. It’s exactly what I want a Deadpool movie to be. I cannot wait for February 12, 2016 when the film hits theaters.

Anyway, I learned a lot about the movie from interviews and just being on the set in general, including how Colossus’ figures into the movie, if Deadpool will break the fourth wall, whether they planned any cameos, their unique approach to the soundtrack, if the action scenes play up the R rating, the way Ryan Reynolds contributed to the script, and so much more. If you’re looking forward to the Deadpool movie, you’re about to be a lot more excited.

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