If you follow superhero movie news closely, you’re probably aware that writer/producer Simon Kinberg is pretty heavily involved in 20th Century Fox’s superhero universe. He wrote and produced X-Men: Future Past and the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse in addition to co-writing and producing Fantastic Four, and he’s also producing Gambit and Deadpool, the latter of which is probably the most buzzworthy upcoming superhero property at Fox right now—and rightfully so.

The very R-rated Deadpool trailer landed online to overwhelmingly positive response last month, and both fans and the uninitiated alike are curious to see what this edgy antihero movie is all about. When Steve recently sat down with Kinberg at the Toronto International Film Festival to talk about The Martian (which Kinberg produced), they also broached the topic of the Deadpool rough cut that Kinberg just saw and whether there’s been internal talks of a sequel just yet:

So while Deadpool is still a few months away (it opens on February 4, 2016), it sounds like everyone at Fox is very high on the prospects of continuing this franchise. And because Deadpool was produced on a relatively small budget compared to other superhero properties, the success threshold to warrant the greenlight of a sequel is lower. Here’s hoping folks turn out in February so we can see the continuing adventures of Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a mouth.

SOURCE: Collider