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Disney and Lucasfilm subsequently announced that screenwriter David Koepp, who collaborated with Spielberg on Jurassic Park, War of the Worlds, and yes Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, would be handling scripting duties for Indiana Jones 5, and so when Collider’s own Steve Weintraub recently spoke with Koepp for an exclusive interview in anticipation of the release of Inferno (which Koepp wrote), the conversation obviously turned to Indy 5.

Koepp said he’s hard at work on writing the script for Indiana Jones 5, but one big question that loomed over the film was whether Lucas would be involved. The way the franchise worked in that past was that Lucas would come up with the idea for the movie and Spielberg would execute it. When Indy 5 was announced, Lucas’ name was nowhere to be found. Spielberg subsequently said Lucas would serve as an executive producer on the film, but in speaking with Koepp, the screenwriter revealed that Lucas is not involved in the story of Indiana Jones 5:

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