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What I really wanted to do was take screen grabs of petty “fans” from Twitter to showcase my points of why it’s becoming toxic between the viewers of these two iconic comic/film distributors (WB in DC’s case). But I decided against that for two reasons- 1) I refuse to put their opinions out there even further and create traffic on their social media page when I don’t respect or agree with their fanboy rage and 2) I simply don’t want to stoop to their level of finger pointing. This article is meant to be a peace treaty of sorts, to try to lay a foundation for those who read this article to understand that it’s ok… more than ok… to be fans of both Marvel and DC films. I’m keeping this specific to the film properties, as I haven’t seen nearly (not even close) as much bashing between the two about the comicbooks each distribute, respectively. And guess what? It’s also entirely fine to be a fan of just the Marvel films or just the DC films. But if that’s the case, guess what you need to do? Be cool and stop actively, the latter being the key word, hating on the other. Instead of negatively spewing venom towards something you don’t like, simply show support and wish it well, because there are people out there that love it and genuinely want it to succeed.

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