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Popular Opinion Podcast: Talking ‘Ant-Man’ with director Peyton Reed

Sean Gerber and Mark Hughes welcome Peyton Reed, director of Marvel’s ANT-MAN, to the show! In this interview, Reed discusses the importance of dining room table conversations, working within the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a lifelong Marvel fan, the impending frame-by-frame explorations of the Quantum Realm, and much more. Marvel’s ANT-MAN is available now on […]



Positive reinforcement of piracy and the invalidation of Comic-Con

By releasing the Comic-Con footage for SUICIDE SQUAD, Warner Bros. has accomplished little in protecting the film’s first impression with most of its potential audience while instead rewarding some of the very worst in fan entitlement and behavior. Inadvertently, the studio has also invalidated the Hall H experience at the world’s largest pop culture convention.

Marvel Star Wars


Marvel and Star Wars confirmed for D23 Expo in August

With Marvel passing on a Hall H panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, the D23 Expo will likely be fans’ first chance to catch a glimpse of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. There’s been no mention of what, if anything, Lucasfilm has planned for SDCC’s Hall H, but the D23 Expo could very well […]



Spider-Man: The new deal is the best for all involved

From the moment Marvel Entertainment formed its own studio to make movies based on its remaining in-house characters, fans have hoped Spider-Man, a Marvel character licensed to Sony, would return home to what they would later know as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That wish was finally granted last night when a new deal between Marvel […]