Folks are no doubt excited for next March’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice—which is the culmination of an onscreen superhero battle/team-up we’ve been waiting on for decades—but perhaps Warner Bros. was a tad surprised at just how fervent the fan anticipation would be for the studio’s BvS follow-up Suicide Squad. It’s an ambitious film to be sure, telling a superhero story entirely from the “bad guys’” point of view, but it blends the iconography of the DC Comics library with something the film’s writer and director David Ayer does very well: a family story.

For those unfamiliar, Suicide Squad revolves around a group of villains who are tasked with performing high-risk operations for the government in exchange for commuted sentences. We don’t know exactly what they’ll be after/doing in the movie, but we do know that Jared Leto makes his debut as a radicalized version of The Joker, and the titular “Squad” includes Will Smith’s Deadshot, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje’s Killer Croc, amongst many others.

Steve recently sat down with Atlas Entertainment Founder and producer Charles Roven, who produced Suicide Squad and is part of the DC Cinematic Universe Brain Trust that works on developing this shared universe slate of films, and while the conversation was tied to the release of the first Warcraft trailer (which Roven produced), it inevitably turned to Suicide Squad.

Roven was more than happy to discuss the film, revealing that we shouldn’t expect an official trailer until the first quarter of next year, so don’t expecting more Joker for Christmas. But Roven tackled one subject head on that a lot of people have been fascinated by: Jared Leto’s performance. Leto is a method actor so, in keeping with how he works on all his films, he went method to play The Joker. There have been stories of isolation on set and strange gifts being sent to his co-stars, and Roven confirmed that it was indeed a “different” experience, but one that ultimately served the film.

SOURCE: Collider (via Batman News)