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As we stand just six months out from the true kickoff of the DC Extended Universe, BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, life is good for DC fans. All is mostly well, save for that red, blue and flying elephant in the room which all notice and some find worrisome. DC characters will be brought to life like never before, but it’s Superman, a character we’ve seen in six feature films, that some fear we may not see on his own again in the foreseeable future.

As first world problems go, Superman fans have had their share during the post-2000 comic book movie boom. SUPERMAN RETURNS was a disappointment in 2007 and while very many liked MAN OF STEEL very much, there were some who were less enthusiastic about it. Even so, most agreed that the Zack Snyder film was a foundation upon which better sequels could be built and looked forward to MAN OF STEEL 2 where Superman would shine. Then San Diego Comic Con 2013 happened.

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