Venom is still a record holder after Halloween gave the symbiote a bit of a fright this weekend. Halloween enjoyed an impressive $76.2M opening weekend but fell short of the October record Venom set a couple weeks ago with $80.3M.

Halloween ($33.1M) was able to best Venom‘s ($32.5M) October record for its first day.

Venom will likely hold on to its opening weekend record at least until next year. Warner Bros.’ Joker has some very strong early buzz and it opens (October 4) the same weekend next year as Venom did this year.

The last two films to feature a live-action Joker, The Dark Knight and Suicide Squad, both opened over $130M. With that in mind, Joker will likely be favored to topple Venom‘s record.

Come what may, there’s no denying the financial success of Venom. The film continues to show strong legs at the box office, suggesting general audiences enjoyed it far more than critics. To date, Venom has earned $171.1M domestic and $461.8M worldwide.


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