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Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick:

0:56 – Looking back at Deadpool’s opening weekend.
3:03 – Why they’re not worried about backlash.
3:37 – The awards recognition the film has received.
6:37 – Where they’re at in the pre-production process on Deadpool 2.
7:33 – How the hiring of David Leitch to direct has impacted the film.
9:19 – How Leitch is bringing his unique stamp to the action scenes.
10:30 – Collaborating with Ryan Reynolds.
11:50 – The freedom the studio has provided on the sequel.
12:33 – The return of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.
13:05 – The challenge of writing Cable.
14:48 – Laying the foundation for X-Force.
16:32 – The guiding principles behind a Deadpool movie.
17:38 – The freedom to use any character from the ­X-Men universe.
19:32 – While they have the ability to go bigger, they don’t want to be bigger just because.
20:26 – The status of Cowboy Ninja Viking and why people should see Split as soon as possible.
21:35 – The challenge of making Life, a film that takes place entirely in zero gravity.

SOURCE: Collider